Friday, January 30, 2009

One Too Many Mornings

I could not sleep last night. I kept waking up with back pain. I was shoveling out the upper part of our 17 car driveway that has yet to be shoveled this year, so we could fit more than two cars in it, because my cousin (David J. Hagaman) was coming over to watch the Wings game with me. Well, I moved wrong or something and threw my back way out of wack. I was thinking about a hundred different things too. So, I couldn't sleep at all last night.

"Down the street the dogs are barkin'
And the day is a-gettin' dark.
As the night comes in a-fallin',
The dogs 'll lose their bark.
An' the silent night will shatter
From the sounds inside my mind,....."

I knew that when I got up in the morning I would have to make a trip out to see Dr. Nick at Newport Chiropractic (Ad space is now for sale on my b-word). I was prepared to do so. I got up, called my boss, gave him the low down and then took off for the chiropractor. Now I'm sitting at work, an hour and a half late for work by the way, and I am still in pain and I haven't ate a thing yet. So, all in all a wonderful, and joyous morning.

"...For I'm one too many mornings
And a thousand miles behind."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soul Meets Busy Body

I've been horribly busy the last three days. Too busy to work-out. Too busy to eat. Too busy to do anything but work and a MBP practice on Monday and a LW praise band practice tonight. It has effected every aspect of my life. I've been too tired, I went to sleep at 10:30 last night. If the 15 year old version of me were standing next to me, he'd slap me as hard as he could for being so lame. I didn't work out last night...cue awesome cartoon illistration now!

I was really mad at myself for not working out. I've been crabby all the way around. I wouldn't shovel the driveway this morning for my wife....I know, I'm a terrible person, but - it was still snowing and the only reason that she wanted it shoveled was to get her car started for her. In my opinion, an inch of snow is not worth waking up your very very tired husband at 6 a.m.

I know....I'm a terrible person, so be it.

Thomas is the perfect name for me, because someday's I am "Thomas The Doubter". I doubt that God will provide. But, logically, He always has - so- why wont he this time?

Super Busy+ Doubt+Exhaustion = Crazy Frickin' Week (so far)

I came across this picture on Al's World Wide Web. I liked it, I hope you do to.

Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Random Question Fever

If you could choose to have a superpower, what would it be?

Mine would be superhuman intelligence.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday you can fall apart, Tuesday Wednesday break my heart, Thursday doesn't even start, It's Friday I have weird reoccurring dreams

Ok so, I have been having another reoccurring dream and it's even weirder than the others. It's a reoccurring\continuing dream. Different events happen in every dream, but the characters, setting and plot are the same.

In this dream my main focus is a house that is haunted, and I am a scientist who is trying to make contact with ghosts (I may or may not believe in this. All ideas, thoughts and movie ideas are registered trademarks of my sub-conscious).
In the dream I keep seeing flash backs of the people who lived in this house, mostly flashbacks of the kids playing with their toys. After one of these flashbacks, I get an idea of how to communicate with the ghosts. I set-up all of my equipment in what used to be the kid's room and I take out all of his toys, one of them being a toy truck. I somehow tell this spirit to move the truck forwards to say yes and backwards to say no. I then start asking him questions: Did you see who killed you and your family? The truck moved forward. Was it a man?the truck moves forward, And so on.

Ok, so here's the weird part. In this dream, I am the main character, But, I am not Tom Hagaman. I am some old weird dude and I wear a white lab coat like scientists do the movies. It's strange.

When I was in the shower this morning I was thinking about my dream and how creepy it was, I thought: What if this old man that I play in this dream is a real person who lives in my neighborhood, somewhere near my house, and I am "stealing" his dream. I think it's a good idea for a book or a movie.

Sorry for such a long b-word today, I had a lot to write about - I can't seem to get this dream out of my head.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

President of What?Who?Why?When?Where?

At lunch on Tuesday, During the Inauguration, My friend Jim posed a question that we talked over for a little while: What would you do on your first day as the president?

I forget what the other responses were but I said, for a lack of a better answer, have a party with all of my friends! Yay. I know that sometimes I am not very creative, and then at other times I imagine that robots are attacking the earth I have to go save the day. (awkward pause)

So, I want to know what you, the listening audience, would've said. What would you do on your first day as President of the United States of America? (gonna eat a lot of peaches)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tell me All Your Thoughts on Woden, Cause I'd Really Like to Meet Him

The word "Wednesday" comes from the Old English language word "Wēdnes dæg" which means "Day of Woden". Woden was a god in the Anglo-Saxon Pagan religion in England until Roman Christianity became their prominent religion somewhere between the 7th and 8th century.

Woden was the leader of the "Wild Hunt" or "Woden's Hunt" which was a mythical group of spirits in the sky on a "hunt". This is often how they explained thunderstorms.

All in all I can't believe that, if I were to have lived in this time frame, that I would've believed this or believed in any of the other gods. But, who knows, we are more educated then they were, and back then people just believed things because the King said that it was true and this is all that they knew.

It's sad to think that some people were raised to believe in this religion and died believing that it was true. What will happen to those people who were never introduced to Christianity??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time is a Number That Rests on a Wall

Some days I just wish that I was 15 again. I had no responsibilities, besides maybe mowing the grass, and life just seemed simpler. Sometimes I feel like my daily routine is like a video tape that rewinds every night and then plays again each morning.

If you know me, then you've probably heard me talk about how sometimes I imagine that I'm in a movie and it's the part of the movie where the characters are doing something like driving somewhere and there is a song that fades in and is the prominent sound for a few minutes. Well, that happened this morning, I was driving to work and listening to my iPod on shuffle and "Washington Square" by the Counting Crows came on (my favorite band, if at all not obvious by all of the references on this site). When I heard this lyric, "Now I live in the shadows, where light is electric. And time is a number that rests on a wall." I had one of those moments where I felt like if my life were a movie, that was a good take.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Flight of the Phoenix

So..... Joaquin Phoenix is taking crazy pills. He's retiring from acting and starting a rap career. And Casy Affleck is filming it. And he fell off a stage while performing. And he's crazy.
Here's a video interview. Enjoy .

Why do celebrities go section 8? I think that it has something to do with aliens (Travolta would like that theory). Here's a list of some of my favorite crazys.

Tom Cruise
John Travolta
Mickey Rourke
Mel Gibson
Gary Busey (has always been crazy)
Britney Spears
Leonard Nimoy
Michael Jackson
Paula Abdul
Mariah Carey
Amy Winehouse

I guess the reason that this interests me so much is: I don't understand why people who are famous and rich act so crazy and immature, and why they don't use their money and power to change something. I'm not saying that they are all like that, but the ones that do make all celebrities look bad. If I were rich and famous, I would publicly slap Joaquin Phoenix and tell him to go back to acting.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting and for Random Questions)

Ok - here's a bit of a twist. I'm pretty lazy on Saturdays so I'm starting a new "thing". Every Saturday my b-word will be one random question. The reason for this is three fold:

a. I get to still be lazy on Saturdays
b. The persons who read my b-word and do not have a blogspot account will be forced to get one.
3. You will read my b-word [jedi mind trick hand wave]

Ok, without further adue your first weekly random question:

What is your favorite song of all time?

Mine is: Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie because I love that song and it is the song that my wife walked down the aisle to at our wedding. (awwwwwwwww)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Face to Facebook

New Zealand police used Facebook to track down a safe cracker\burglar. They matched a picture from a security camera to pictures and a video of him on Facebook. Then eye-witness's identified him from the pictures.

In November, Australian authorities arrested five teenagers and made them pay a dine-and-dash bill after the restaurant owner identified them on Facebook.

A man that escaped from a jail in Georgia, used his real name to set-up a Myspace account that he regularly checked at a public library in Philadelphia. The police quickly re-arrested the man.

In Washington, PA, Myspace aided the police in the arrest of a man suspected of stealing two monkeys from a wildlife compound.

In Oakland, CA, Police used Myspace to retrieve the "street name" of a man suspected of killing a star high school football player.

The moral of all this is: If your going to commit a crime, don't advertise yourself on the Internet.

Also, don't commit crimes.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Every Town Has a Diner Where I'll Meet You and Crystal Our Server

There is a Leo's Coney Island close to my work, Jim(from work) and I eat there for lunch pretty regularly. As those of you who know me know, I have an issue with restaurants and poor customer service. For a brief example follow this link:

Our waitress at Leo's is Crystal, She see's us when we walk in, points to the table that's in her section, and by the time that we have our coats off - she has a large coke (for Jim) and a black coffee and a large water (for me) at our table. And we only have to say that we'll have our regular and she knows what we want. That's awesome, but, familiarities aside, Ever since the first time that she was our waitress she has been the nicest customer service person that I have ever met, and to me that's amazing because she sure does make alot less then the Dell support specialist's do and she blows them out of the water and she seams like she like's her job and people!! Imagine that! (and she speaks English too!!!). And she's not just nice to us - we see how she treats the other customer's around us and, all in all, it's good business.

Anyway's if you ever hungry and your near Ann Arbor Rd. and Haggerty in Plymouth - Go to Leo's and ask for Crystal, it will be a pleasant experience.

Also, the song from Cheer's plays when you walk in the door.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

After All the Dreaming I Come Home Again

This is from a dream I had last night, I tend to have dreams about everyone I know or who I have ever met. I have dreams about people that I met one time. My most reoccurring dream use to be of me getting up in the middle of the night going into the bathroom and then my reflection in the mirror comes out of the mirror and stabs me to death. Beautiful dream, isn't it? But as of late my dreams have been happy and most of them involve my good friend Anthony. They usual are of an actual events that happened just replaying in my mind, or sometimes he plays the role of random chacters in my dreams. Somtimes he's the driver of the car that I pass, or the teller at the window of a movie theatre. Sometimes he's the good guy and Sometimes he's the bad guy.

Anyways that's what my dream was last night - just a time that we shared once. Driving around, listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crash (Into Someone Else)

Today, On my lovley drive to work in the midst of a million idioits, my truck was rear-ended by a snowplow truck. We pulled over and got out to inspect the damage. My bumper was bent in, the plastic top popped off and their were two dents and paint was scrapped off. Now in my experience with bad luck - I've learned that you HAVE TO make a police report for your insurance company if you plan on making a claim. I said this to the guy( Who look like he was maybe 17 years old) and he acted as if I was crazy and that this minor damge did not require a police report. I then asked to see his insurance card and I took all of his info, his insurance card did say just call in the damage if nobody was injured.

If you know me at all, then you can only imagne how I treated this guy because not once ( until the very end when he was getting into his truck) did he say "sorry" or act as if he was at falt. For instance, he asked for a pen, and I found one and I threw it at him. As hard as I could( ok, maybe not as hard as I could).

I'm going to stop ranting because my hands are shaking from being so mad at this guy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sleepless in Southgate

If you are going to plan on reading this b-word for any extended amount of time, you are going to have to get used to the fact that I have a sleeping problem and that I will whine about it alot. Tonight is another one of those nights where I just can't seam to "be tired" and at 10:00 am tomorrow, I will be a very useless person.

I find myself listening to music to try and aid sleep but that turns into more thought, thus no sleep. Video games, of course, they don't help either. Pop Tarts, unfortunately, no help at all. 

Thinking about the fact that there is a tomorrow and there will be tasks tomorrow that will have to be accomplished and trying to prioritize those tasks now and wondering about what I will wear in the morning and if I will have a salad for lunch or an omelet or if that sound outside is a stray dog or an intruder trying to break into my house or if I will be killed by the incredibly uneducated Michigan drivers on my way to work - these things keep me awake and plague me every night.

Angel Hit The Atmosphere

In 2007, the #1 name given to male babies in Arizona was Angel. That's just incredibly wrong and I would hate my parents if they had given me that name.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 1st\The B-Word

So, I guess this is what blogging feels like. It's kind of like when you were in school and a paper, that you've known about for weeks, is due in the morning and your typing the uncorrected first draft now (At midnight) and that's what your going to turn in because you are going to fall asleep about half-way through and turn in a incredibly short two paragraph summarization of the Vietnam War.

Well, I guess this is it, Off I go into the world of blogging.

By the way I hate that word and from now on will only refer to it as the B-word.