Sunday, October 2, 2011

Carrie's Wedding Day

Let me tell you about my little sisters wedding day.

It all started with a dream that I had the night before. I dreamed that on my way to my sisters wedding I get into a terrible car accident and die, and I have to watch her ruined wedding day from a ghostly presence in the distance....weird dream.

So, in the morning I get up, I get ready, pack up and leave. I get half way to the wedding and my truck shifts to 2nd gear while I'm on the freeway all by itself and I cant do over 40 mph. The transmission is on the fritz. I get off the freeway and somehow made it to the wedding at snail speeds.

The weather has to be mentioned. It was windy and cold, normal for Michigan this time of year.......outside wedding....yep...enough said.

The wedding was great, Adam did a great job, and everything went as smoothly as possible. Then I had to ride all the way to my parents with a tow truck driver. Not to put down tow truck drivers at all. This guy was nice, but like most of the men in his profession - he was the bee's knees and he was a talker......long ride to my parents house.

Then we unpack, what was packed for the second time and go home, change clothes, then it's off to the Aleshire family ritual when all of the family is in town.....Bowling

After bowling I stop by my friends house for a millisecond, and my other friend calls me to help him with a flat tire.......that's a fiasco because the tire was rusted to the rotor.....and that brings us to 4:00am.

Whew......long was fun and great and terrible and relaxing and stressful and joyful and annoying......and I wouldn't have changed it for the world.