Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tom Hagaman - Driver

This dude has the same name as me.

He's a driver for Habitat for Humanity of Collier County Florida.

If you ever read this Tom Hagaman No. 2 - Keep up the good work!

(Tom Hagaman's are slowly taking over the world)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why did the chicken take the redeye?.....To get to Detroit quicker.

On my way to work yesterday while driving on my favorite cop infested strip of Eureka Rd. in front of the airport, a Rooster ran in front of my truck...weird....and then for some reason I found it hilarious enough to laugh while answering the age old question in my head - - Why did the chicken cross the road?....

10. He couldn't flag down a taxi.
9. To get to the median
8. He's a terrorist chicken who has just attacked the airport.
7. He likes to lay in the fields and watch the airplanes as they land.
6. He's lost
5. To prove that he could
4. Because he wanted to
3. The airport taxes were just to high so moving was optimal.
2. Your mom crossed the road.
1. He heard that Obama was flying into town......oh yeah...I said it.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time Bomb

The new DMB album (Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King) is fantastic musically, and weird lyrically (Like usual). This one stuck out to me.

I'm a ticking time bomb
Waiting to blow my top
No one would ever know
Not until I blew up

No one would believe it
He was such a normal guy
Shake their heads and wonder why

If Martians fell from the sky
What would that do to god?
Would we put the weapons down
Or aim it up at the sky

No one would believe it
Except the fucking nut jobs
They laugh and cry we told you so

Baby when I get home
I want to believe in Jesus
Hammer in the final nail
Help me pick up the pieces

When everything starts to fall
So fast that it terrifies you
When will you hit the wall?
Are you gonna learn to fly?

No one would believe it
Except for all the people
Watching as you fly away

Baby when I get home
I want to pick up the pieces
Hammer in the final nail
And lean me up against Jesus

Baby when I get home
I want to believe in Jesus
You can Hammer in the final nail
But help me pick up
the pieces

Baby when I get home
Help me pick up the pieces
You can hammer in the final nail
I wanna believe in Jesus

What the heck is he trying to say??

If I had to take a stab at it I would say that he wants to believe that there is a God but he doesn't really see any proof of it - I'm mixing these lyrics with what I already kind of know about him.

Later on in the album on the song "Why I Am" he says this.

And when my story ends it's gonna end with him.
Heaven or hell I'm going there with the GrooGrux King.

It sounds to me like he believes that there is a Heaven and a Hell, it doesn't sound like he knows where he is going.

Or he's just making a point about how much he loved his friend, who knows.

What do you think??

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Clock On The Wall

Joe Purdy (Most of you know him from that Kia Spectra commercial) has a new album out. It's called "Last Clock On The Wall" - and it is delight. (Will Ferrell voice).

Here is my favorite from "Last Clock On The Wall". If you like it , you should buy the album. - I have to say that so it looks like this is free publicity and not me just giving you a free song, which is really all that's happening.