Friday, May 21, 2010

A letter to my wife

A list of things that I did not get to tell you yesterday

1. We received the $XXX reward money from the points that I turned in -so we have $XXX more than we expected.
2. MacGrubber was funny but gross
3. Can you go pay the truck payment today?
4. I mean really gross sex scene with your girl (Kristen Wiig) and then a very long sex scene with his dead ex-girlfriend (Mya Rudolph)
5.I have a funeral viewing to go to today after work
6. kinda of stretching it a bit with that " The best SNL movie since Waynes world slogan"
7. Mario wants us to go to the Oak tonight - would you like to go?
8. Better than Wayne's World - no swwwwaaaaay
9. He make's life saving inventions out of household materials
10. In an attempt to sneak in some Reese's Pieces, Jerame put them in his pants near his crotch. His crotch looked like Rod Stewart's crotch - and that was the highlight of the entire evening.

Hope that you like my list.

And take it very seriously ( at least numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and especially number 10)

Dream #3 - 05-20-2010

Ok - so I'm all talk about having these crazy dreams, because, I'm three in and none of them have been all that crazy....oh well.

Dream #3:

Ever get up to the alarm and mumble something, maybe even sit up for a minute, and then instantly fall right back asleep? That's me, every day. Ever do that and then dream that you didn't? I do that a lot. I'll get up decide what to wear, eat something get in the car drive down the road and then...poof...back in bed. Non of it actually happened. Great. And now, guess what, you're running late so you get to re-live everything - in fast motion.

I feel right back to sleep and dreamt that I woke up and got ready and then I went to this regional chamber meeting that I started going to on Thursday mornings. (I started a company) Well about half way through the meeting, very large, ground shaking explosions started coming from outside. We opened the door and a scene that looked like it was in the movie "Saving Private Ryan" was outside.

Then I woke up.


Really late.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dream #2 - 5-12-2010

I am trying to keep up with this, but with all of the busyness this last week I have been slipping.

Dream #2 - 5-12-2010

I had a conversation with my dad right before I went to bed this night. He was telling me about how my truck (the one that he gave me) is very easy to steal. He told me this because I was going downtown in a few days. My parents, like many people their age, try to avoid "the D" as much as possible. They've been trained to think that way their whole lives. It's not their fault. Me - I have a different approach to the topic, which has resulted in many long "conversations" (not fights) with them.

Regardless, he told me about this just as I was getting ready to go to bed. Now, I love this truck. It's not in any great shape, it's not in bad shape either, it "needs work" - mostly cosmetic work. But, that's not why I love this truck. I grew up in this truck. We took this truck on all of our vacations. We took it on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, we took it hunting, we took it everywhere that we went as a family from roughly 1994 to 1999 - I even took my driving test with it.

The dream:
Not much to this one. The dream starts with me driving the truck down I-75, headed toward Detroit. For some reason, my friend Mario is with me. We pull off and start driving around Detroit. It's very dark, the sky looks like the sky in the Terminator movies when they show "Judgement Day". We are driving around for quite a while. We finally arrive at our destination, a small bar with an extremely large parking lot. I park as close to the bar as possible and we go in. When we exit the bar hours later, we see that there is a person in my truck. he has already broken in and is hot wiring the truck. He peels out of the parking lot before we can get to the truck. I then see another person getting into their own vehicle, I steal that vehicle and try to catch the guy that stole my truck. But, he is way faster then me. I head back to the bar and get into lots of trouble for stealing the car that I stole. And I never saw my truck again.

In dreams, emotions seam to differ from real life. You can see someone die in a dream and feel no emotion, or it can feel as if it were real. This felt like ten times worse then how it would've really felt. I was really really sad. When I woke up, I got out of bed and looked out the window just to make sure that the truck was still there. Sounds silly, I know.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In the words of Ms. Hilton, "That's Hot"

The lady at the counter at Taco Bell thinks that my last name is "hot".

Really.............You use your imagination and you can quickly figure out why I had one of the most made fun of names in school.

So here's how it went down:

I hand her my card to pay with.... she looks at the name and says:

"Man, I would love to have your name if I played football"

"Your name's hot"

(crickets chirping)

Can anyone explain to me why my last name is "hot" (My last name is "Hagaman" for those who don't know)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dream #1 - 04-27-2010

I've decided to start recording my dreams on my blog. For those of you who have never heard me talk of my dreams in the past, here's a few short summarizations of some of the best\weirdest.

The Stabbing Reflection:

In my old house, the bathroom has two mirrors. One right above the sink and then one on the wall next to the sink, on the left (it was one of those hidden cupboard\mirror things). Anyways, in this re-occurring dream, I get out of bed in the middle of the night and walk into the bathroom, I turn on the water and splash some water in my face (very cliché, like in horror movies when you know that something is about to pop out at you). Then I think that I notice my reflection move without me moving and I quickly dismiss it. Then, I look to my left in the other mirror and there is a very angry looking me with a knife. He jumps out of the mirror and kills me. Stabs me to death. Then the fake me shuts off the bathroom light and lays down in my bed.

The End of the World:

I had another re-occurring dream when I was younger that was really short. It was one of those dreams where you dreamed the same thing about ten times in one night. The dream starts with me walking to work (I got a job when I was eleven, sorting bottles, cleaning and stocking shelves at the corner party store on my street). When I got to work I went into the cooler to stock the pop and such. Then through the cooler door and through the front window of the store, in between the Pepsi bottles, I see mass destruction. I see cars, signs, people and trees all flying down Eureka, as if Metro Airport had become a gigantic black hole. Then I see a building flying towards me (through the Pepsi bottles). It's the tall building at Eureka and I-75, the one that used to be a bank. It flattens the party store like a pancake and then I wake up. It's that sudden "I just fell off of a cliff" awakening. I hate those.

The Alien Invasion:

I've had this one a few times. It's a Mad Max\Aliens Attack scenario. Me and my dad and a few other guys that are no body's, made up people, are saying in my Grandma's house. And we have the place locked down, barricaded, stationary guns, the whole nine yards. Why? Because, we can't trust anyone. You see, aliens have begun "infecting" people. human beings are being turned into aliens that look, talk and act like humans - but they aren't. Anyways, this dream is always a little different each time, but always involves a giant battle at the end - I always get shot. And that's when I wake up. Yay!

Ok so here is the dream that I had Tuesday night:

Grandpa - The Mad Scientist:

I was helping my grandpa clean out his garage. He's a pack rat, so the garage is always a mess. Most of this dream was boring, just me spending time with my grandpa. Then things started getting weird. He started saying things that made him sound crazy. I can't remember everything, but at one point he started suggesting that we build stuff. Really weird, so weird that I ran inside to call someone to come help me. When I got inside my grandma starting yelling at e to get back outside. So, I almost immediately turned around and opened the door that I just closed. Within those four or five seconds that the door was closed, a gigantic "thing" was now in the driveway. It's was the length of the entire driveway, it was made out of wood and metal and you could walk underneath it, almost like a carport. Then it turned on, lights started flashing and it started making loud "wind-like" noises. Then I turned to my right and saw my grandpa running down the length of this device. He grabbed my shirt as we ran by, and started asking me to go with him. As we were running, strange items started flying by our heads. Things from the past, old furniture and old cars even old people (not old in age, old like from another time). My grandpa then started explaining to me (while running) that he had built a time machine and that he needed to go back and "fix the past". Then I woke up.