Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Bank.....

Your customer service reps are the rudest I've ever encountered. This is a new account that I setup and I missed the first payment, I realize that it was my fault and I ensured the rep that I would pay my payment online and pay the late fee. He proceeded to tell me that I could pay it with him right now over the phone and would not take no for an answer. He explained that he could waive the late fee. I explained to him that I was holding a crying baby and did not have time to pay it and that I had to go. But he was relentless and I told him he was rude and I eventually hung up. I don't want to talk to a rep that treats me like I've done something terribly wrong by accidentally missing one payment that I offered to pay within the next 24 hours while giving in to paying an extravagant late fee.
Also, hire some Americans to do this job - I know that I was talking to someone in India. But who am I kidding, you guys are a bank and you don't care about the American economy, just your own wallet.

I sent this to Citi Bank - who is financing an item that I purchased for my wife. (I know that I said that I would never get a credit card again - but this was a one time thing and they gave me $50 off for financing it and 0% interest, I'm paying it off and not touching it again.) They have been calling me very 30 min for the last two days because I accidentally didn't make the first payment on time.
Well that's about it, I hope some big shot sees this, but he probably won't. And if he did he probably wouldn't care as he read it on his iPhone on the 6th hole of some prestigious golf course.