Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Disposition Center

I am currently making a huge mess out of my house. We decided to move, well, pretty much everything in our house to a new location. Room C was our master bedroom. Room A was my office and Room B was.......well no one really knows what room B was. Kind of a storage room\closet\changing room\ laundry hamper\library.

Anyways, I (by myself) emptied out Room A and B into the living room dinning room area. Then my cousin (Dave) and I moved all of the furniture from Room C into Room A and B. And on top of it all, I'm painting Room A.

So when everything is said and done - Room A will be a spare room\dressing room (Both of our dressers will be in there) Room B will be the bedroom (Just the bed and two night stands) and Room C will be Hell......um .....I mean .... my office.

All of this leading up to the actually story.

As many of you know, I recently started my own company (Arrowtech Computer Solutions) and I needed office gear. My friend Rich told me about this magical place in Ann Arbor that sells all of the stuff that U of M wants to be rid of. Old desks, Book shelfs, file cabinets, computers, vehicles, electronics, etc. etc. - Anything that they want to get rid of. So, I decided to go because I needed a good desk and a workbench.

This place is awesome, I was in a nerdy heaven of used electronics and gizmos and gadgets of all types. I could have spent hours upon hours in there, not to mention thousands of dollars. But as a responsible adult (who was on a budget) I got what I needed and got out. Here's what I made out with.

1 - Steelcase Computer Desk (in good condition) - $50
1 - Work bench\table - $20
1 - Office chair - $20
1 - Office lamp - $10

100 bones - that's pretty good for pimping out an office - I think. Anyways I just wanted to inform all of you about the U of M Disposition Center and all of it's glory.

Peace - TH