Monday, February 21, 2011


Have you ever been on a vacation and the only thing that you can think about is home? I never have until today. I'm out of town at the moment, we are in Acme Michigan at the Grand Traverse Resort. There's nothing to do here except spend money on stuff, swim in the kid infested pool and some really lackluster outdoor events that we went to yesterday.

But that's the point - right? Isn't a vacation supposed to be about doing nothing? Want to know where the wife is? Doing the same thing that she does everyday. Working out. Yes she is in the resort gym. Now that's crazy, I would've went with her but I have the current viral epidemic thats going around, I can barley breathe as I write this.

Back to my main point.....I'm worried about what jobs are going on this week - I'm trying to plan ahead. I'm thinking about the snow that I will have to shovel when I get home. I'm thinking about all kinds of stuff.....I'm on vacation! So, this is my first step at relaxation, I'm browsing the internet, reading and writing this blog. I'm current reading Cash: The Auto-Biography (Johnny Cash) - It's good, OneBigHappy let me borrow it. I'm thinking that I will read a little bit and have some coffee.

Well, this has been the most humorless, pointless blog I've ever written. So I'll leave you with a short side note:

You know those dancing sign holder people, sometimes they are in a costume and they are dancing with the sign that points to the business that they want you to go to. Have you ever been driving down the street and seen one of these dancers and said to yourself, "Hey, I think I might just go get a pizza right now" or " Geez, I guess I do need my taxes done - and look I happen to have all of my tax documents with me!" - so you make an at speed turn into the place and actually buy their product? It just seems like wasted dollars on advertisement to me. They don't entice me into buying their product.

I love the ones that are totally not into it, they are on their phone texting some one and they are holding the sign under their arm. If you don't have a good work ethic when you're only job is holding a sign where people can see it - All hope is lost.

That is half of the current unemployment problem. So I say, don't cut dollars for education, increase them or at least leave them the same. The last thing that we need is less educated people.

(Vote for Hagaman 2015)

Don't take this the wrong way I actually agree with most of the changes that Gov. Snyder is making. It's just a it really a joke if you have to explain it?

My thought for the day.