Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Tom Show

I have been REALLY busy lately. I started my own business in April of this year "Arrowtech Computer Solutions" - I fix computers and sell office supplies, sell computers, etc. Meanwhile, I am still working at my previous employer Tuesday through Friday - I can't find a second to breathe.

Really it's not 100% true - I mean, it's factually true, all of those things happened - but the time part may have been a stretch. I am horrible at time management. For some reason, I have to take time once a day to watch a T.V. show. I should be able to go one full day without watching T.V. - It's like drug.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Truman Show", some days I feel like Truman Burbank -like today is the same as last. Everyday I get up do the same routine, but on the same clothes (they're clean, don't worry) and I brush my teeth the same way I drive the same route to work sit in the same traffic everyday and do the same tasks at work. I come home and sit in the same chair and watch T.V. go to sleep in the same bed and stare at the same black ceiling for hours. I feel like I'm not making any progress at all. I am running in place.

I recently hurt my back....again - and I had to go see Dr. Nick (Chiropractor). His office is in Newport so it's a little ways down I-75. When I get to the stretch right before Newport where the road straightens out and there is farm land on both sides of the freeway I think about what would happen if I just keep on driving, just drove until I hit that cloud painted screen where the fake world ends.

Then I get off at the Newport exit and go about my day.