Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Just start a sentence with "What do you think about vaccines" - that is if you have an hour or two to talk.

I have two infants now so it's a topic that I've choosen to research.
Subsequently, I just started a new shift at work and CNN is on all night, Last night Amanda Peet was on promoting the Shot@Life campaign, it's a pro-vaccine group. I don't get this, why do celebrities get on T.V. and promote something that they "believe" in but have no facts on - or at least they can't spit the facts out in a understandable form. Pierce Morgan asked her a question, a generic question about vaccines and her response was "Umm...well...ummm....doctors say that they are good." Seriously! (that wasn't her exact quote, but its close).

Anyways, it is so alarming how anti or pro vaccines people are.

I see this as part of a bigger problem. Why do people only fall on one side or the other on a topic? Pick something, anything. Any topic at all and you will find a group of people that are completely against it and a group that's completely for it. Why?! There are more answers than YES and NO. Not in every case, but sometimes it's just not a cut and dry answer.

I've done some research, I've put some time in on this. And I don't beleive that either party is correct. And I can't stand that they both preach that their way is the right way, but can't bring facts to the table. The anti-vaccine people say that vaccines cause autisim, which is crazy. It's crazy because these stay at home moms think that they've figured it out, they aren't scientists, they aren't doctors....but they know that the vaccines are the cause of a specicfic brain disorder. Get to work on the cure for cancer then soccer moms.

The the pro-vaccine people, they are just as crazy. It's like they like the fact that we are giving are children more shots, it's almost like they want more. It's kind of weird.

Now I'm a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to most things. I want to see the facts, the hard evidence. And neither one of these groups bring that to the table......that's scary.

"Because he said so" isn't a fact. And it's not the end all be all.

"Because we said to" doesn't make me feel all warm and cozy.

We are going to give our kids vaccines. That's what we've landed on. But, we are not doing them all and we are going to spread them out (Sorry Amanda Peet, but they aren't your kids - so not your business). I just don't think that a 12 year old needs to have the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine that doesn't protect you from all of the strains of HPV, but only protects against the ones that you can get through sexual intercourse. Good parenting will help with that one, and you don't have to inject anything into my kid.

The chicken pox vaccine is another good one. Chicken pox can cause death in children, but it's very very rare. In 2003 it caused 8 deaths in the U.S. - I feel bad for those kids and their families, don't get me wrong, but that's a really low number. To low to start vaccinating everyone........so they start giving all children the vaccine. Now they think that the vaccine is the culprit for the recent huge spike in the cases of shingles.

The biggest super crazy part of all of this is: People who's kids have been vaccinated are the ones that are up in arms about kids who aren't vaccinated......If their kids are vaccinated, then what are they worried about, their kids shouldn't get sick if they've been vaccinated...............what are they afraid of?

"It's a very very mad world"

Amanda Peet would hate me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time is Contagious

I don't have enough time. No matter what I do. No matter which job schedule I take. No matter what amount of sleep I get. No matter what I do.

I haven't wrote on here in a while ( the award winning, most favorite, most used first line of all blogs around the world) - (which kind of plays into my title)

...So, I guess I should bring everyone up to speed, you know this is a Web Log and all.

Captians Log, May 8th. Star Date 2012.5
The crew has doubled in size over the last month, with the birth of Leo and Ella.

On April 6th, 2012. Our offspring entered this world. At the time I was NASCAR'ing it to Dearborn from Findlay OH. I've never had to do anything like that, and I 've never been that nervous before. And even though I drove at top speed the whole way. I missed the birth of my first two children (possibly only children, remember the ships' full). I was angry at first, then I was kind of releived that I wasn't there. But, I've finally landed on ashamed, I should've been there for my wife. She was ok though, she had her mom there with her. I guess it's a pride thing.....whatever, it is what it is. So I made it there, 5 min after Ella was born, and they were beautiful, wonderful, and healthy. They where born 7 weeks early and they where perfectly fine. They had to stay in the NICU for about 2 weeks.

So there you go, you're up to speed on the head count.

There's a line from a Damien Rice song that I love...."Time is contagious, Everybody's getting old" My take on the song is that it means to get off your butt and just get it done. If you sit around your life will just pass you by. He says it in a bunch of different, weird ways in the song, but the meaning is the same. It's a pretty inspiring song to me. When I have the time that I need, I seem to waste it. And it's not that I have an addiction to video games or something like that. I know that's a big one, I haven't hooked up my PS3 since I moved in Feb. I just seem to always be busy and always be out of time.

I have to say that I am super impressed with my wife, Brianne. She's taking care of both kids for basically 36-40 hours in a row while I work. Her mom has been helping her a lot. But she has been doing a great job.

Time managent is not my strongest ability, and I hope that I can improve on it in the future.