Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On my lucky couch!

My wife and I love this commercial. It cracks me up every time.

AT&T Lucky Couch Commercial


Sunday, November 22, 2009

"S" is for Summary

I fell away from the, affectionately titled, "Blogosphere" for a while. Here's what been going down:

Inevitably, hunting season started. I saw a small spike, at a distance on the last day of bow season and a bunch of Doe during rifle. Any hunter will tell you that's the equivalent of a no hitter in baseball( the side with no hits - just to clarify).

What else..(I'm doing this on the fly if you can't tell)..

I've been learning a little bit about HTML - My good friend Mario coached me through a project at work - That's super interesting (Sarcasm)

I have to talk about music - I went to a Joe Purdy concert in Columbus - Totally awesome!!! Here's a brand new song that he played at the show called "Angelina"- I somehow came across it, someone just left it out there streaming on the internet for me to take - Like a quarter dropped on the ground. It's a super great song, it's about someone who kills a woman that he adores - kinda weird, but a very good song. - Check it out.

A Hundred Miles played a battle of the bands preliminary show and we got first place - We have to go play again, in Ohio, for the finals - first place gets $1,000 - The catch?, You ask - Worst venue ever!

***Spoiler Alert*** - The next paragraph is sad. :(

My Aunt Pearl passed away two weeks ago (Actually, my Great Aunt Pearl, but we called her Aunt Pearle), she was in a car accident, very sudden. I wasn't super close to her, but I grew up going to the same church as her. Her husband, My uncle Amen, used to take me with him to the front of the church during the service to sing in the choir (Which I remember enjoying very much) - I cried at her funeral, I didn't think that I would...but I did, not until I went past her casket. I felt strange, very sad. The only thing that I could think of was how horrible it would be to lose a spouse that suddenly. No warning - just gone.

Ok - No more sadness - just pure non-filtered anger

My truck broke down on Eureka on my way to take my suit to the dry cleaners. Ok - So I'm stopped in the right lane at like 2:00pm on a Monday in front of Borders and I have my hazard lights on and every super old grandpa and grandma that are out for their daily 25 MPH sight seeing drive, had to stop about 4 inches from my bumper (probably because they could't see my hazards), sit there for 5 minutes until they figured out what was going on and back up in traffic and go around me. One of them even had the audacity to honk at me. At some point someone needs to pass a law to take your license away when you get too old.

My work cut everyone to 32 hours - it sucks, I'm broke. If anyone needs computers repaired or built or if anyone just wants to hire me for anything (no sex jokes) - Just give them my digits.

That's about it for now. Sorry for the long B-word - but when you only get one every two months it's gotta be long.

I'll try to keep up.